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Maker Monday: Using 3D prints to communicate innovative ideas. Learn how UV-Dox used the Maker Studio to pitch their innovation and launch their business.

MRU students Joshua Paredes and Shawna Bisson leveraged the use of the Maker Studio's 3D printers to help Bisson's Grandfather, Reinhard Schuetz, create a scaled prototype of his design.  A lifetime commitment to petroleum industry engineering and two prior patent developments, culminated in refining air quality by redefining pollution control with a unique multi-purpose ‘UV-DOX Reactor’ design by Reinhard Schuetz, P. Eng. Air purification devices typically consist of absorption, adsorption, scrubbing or filtration methods; however, the UV-DOX Reactor’s superior mitigation of biological organisms, odour and chemical contamination is achieved via actual germicidal DNA destruction and breaking molecular bonds of chemical compounds. Subsequently, and in conjunction with Dean Neitz, this also led to the development of the Ti-DOX UniGrate flow element designed to act as a one directional barrier for air-borne contaminants (eg: from a sewage pit below the floor of a hog barn back up into he animal enclosure and human work environment).  Come and learn more about these technologies, see the 3D print of this innovative solution and learn about how 3D modelling and 3D printing has assisted UV-DOX in communicating their design and supported their entrepreneurial venture.   

Monday, January 20, 2020 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Maker Studio (EL1245)
Presented by:
Kerry Harmer
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