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Social media has become one of the most powerful and accessible tools for marketing. With a growing number of platforms and ways to engage your audience, it can be difficult to know if what you’re doing is working. Join our all-female panel of experts as we explore modern marketing techniques and social tools available, and learn how you can create content that truly stands out.

Registration will close one hour before the start of the panel. You will receive an email reminder one hour before the start time with a link to Google Meet where the event will take place.

This session will be recorded. All registrants will receive a link to the recording after the panel concludes.

Our Panelists:

Karen Richards

Karen Richards is the Senior Social Networking Strategist for Mount Royal University with a focus on social media, word of mouth marketing and organizational brand, reputation and crisis communication. Karen has developed the curriculum for multiple courses in the Faculty of Continuing Education and has been an instructor for ten years. Karen is also the creator and organizer of Poutine With Purpose in support of Mealshare in western Canada since 2013.

Isha Thompson

Isha Thompson is the Content and Communications Coordinator for MRU Library. Both her professional life and personal interests revolve around media and the stories we tell and witness. Whether it’s a long-form news article, branding for a new product, or strategic messaging for an organization, she is interested in the layered process behind the eye catching posts we scroll through everyday. Social media has always had a major presence in roles she has held throughout her career, which includes staff writer, editor, SaaS client services, and many communications positions.

Lucy Dunne

Lucy Dunne is the founder of Dunnebells, an online personal training company designed to help women get strong, build healthy habits and hit their body goals surrounded by the best community out there. Over 60% of Lucy’s annual revenue comes from social media and she can’t wait to share all of her knowledge with you today. 

Jillian Logee

Jillian Logee is a professional photographer, consultant and community organizer focused on handmade & small businesses. She is the co-organizer of the Etsy Calgary markets and co-owner of YYC Girl Gang, a group focused on supporting women in business. As a professional photographer, she works with brands to streamline their visual messaging and develop branded images for social media, helping them stand out in the crowd. 

Maria José

Maria is a digital content creator and a fourth-year communication student at MRU. From a young age Maria’s unique upbringing drove her to chase exciting, inspiring and unusual experiences. Upon moving to Canada, the half European, half African blogger started sharing glimpses of her life as a way to cure homesickness and step into a career she is passionate about. Maria actively submerges herself in work that speaks to her on a deeper level. Her social channels showcase nourishing self-care techniques, unusual beauty rituals, head-turning fashion trends and bucket list worthy travel destinations. She has a passion for education and often shares tips on how her audience can have their own extraordinary experiences. Maria’s more notable campaigns to date include: Ford Canada, Bumble, Loréal Paris, and Dyson.


Thursday, October 8, 2020 10:00am - 11:00am
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Presented by:
MRU Library & Courtney Montgomery

Registration is required. There are 24 seats available.

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