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Perspectives on esports

In this session we will demystify eSports by bringing a panel of experts together to look at the business model perspective of eSports, media, gender and racial dimensions of eSports, eSports' links to health and wellness, an overview of the esports industry in Alberta, and in education leaving attendees with an understanding of  where you can learn more about eSports. This session will be interactive with lots of time for audience questions and participant discussion. 

The panel consists of Dr David Finch, Professor in the Bissett School of Business at MRU and Senior Fellow in the Institute for Community Prosperity, Dr Brad Clark Associate Professor in Broadcast Media Studies, Journalism at MRU, Dr David Legg, Professor in the Department of Health and Physical Education, all co-authors of the book Implications and Impacts of eSports on Business and Society (2019). The authors will be joined by Ryan Coutts, Head of Business Development  for the Alberta Esports Association and Dr Brad Mahon, Dean of the Faculty of Continuing Education at MRU that has recently launched an Esports Management Extension Certificate. 


Emerging Technologies Consortium (ETC) is a monthly online talk where Mount Royal students, employees, and the general community come together to discuss a common interest in new tech developments. The ETC is a virtual space where those who explore and adopt emerging technologies come together to share their work in teaching, research and co-curricular activities. Topics of discussion will include virtual and augmented reality, 3D printing. E-sports, machine learning, robotics, wearables, and more. 


Wednesdays, Monthly


Online Delivery (Google Meet)


Wednesday, March 17, 2021 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Presented by:
Kerry Harmer & Anna Nuhn

Registration is required. There are 83 seats available.

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