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Building the Love You Want offers monthly sessions that focus on learning the green flags in your relationships and getting to know who you are in relationships of all types — romantic and platonic. This workshop is a deep dive into who you are in your relationships, what your attachment style is, how your attachment style works with other people’s attachment styles, and how you can move towards a more secure attachment.

Meet in the MRU Library Boardroom (EL 4371A). Drop ins are welcome, and if you complete 4 of the 5 Building the Love You Want sessions, you will receive a certificate of completion!

Open to all MRU Students.

For more information, contact Sarah Armstrong at s.armstrong@samru.ca or Cari Ionson at cionson@mtroyal.ca

Wednesday, November 9, 2022 1:00pm - 2:30pm
Library Boardroom Day (EL4371A)
Presented by:
SAMRU and Wellness Services - Dating, Domestic and Sexual Violence Services

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